Family Share Snacks


Share the love and help make staying home easiser during this difficult time with our Family Share Snack Box. Filled with our most popular sweet and savoury selection of snacks, this box is value-packed and made for sharing. Plus, you’ll be getting bonus points for helping them avoid another trip to the supermarket!

Presented in a premium gift box with a decorative sleeve, plus a free gift card.


  • Basil + Barrow Salted Pretzels 80g
  • Basil + Barrow Rice Crackers 80g
  • Harvest Box Go Bannana Box Mix 45g
  • The Good Crisp Company Sour Cream and Chives 45g
  • Harvest Box Apple Tart Pack 45g
  • Harvest Box Strawberry Milkshake Snack Mix 45g
  • Go Natural Almond Apricot Snack Bar 40g
  • Harvest Box Berry Bazooka Health Bombs 40g
  • Harvest Box Dark Chocolate Almonds 40g
  • Harvest Box Dipped Dark Chocolate and Raspberry Almonds 40g
  • Pirahna Snaps Oregano & Thyme Chips 25g
  • Springhill Chocolate & Coconut Sweetball 30g
  • Piranha Snaps Smokehouse BBQ Gluten Free Chips 25g
  • Human Bean Co Salt & Vinegar Faba Beans 20g
  • Serious Food Co Sea Salt Popcorn 18g

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Weight 3 kg